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SAIP was founded by a group of enthusiastic physicians and scientists interested in fostering the concept of atherosclerosis imaging. The founding group was constituted of Drs. Greg Brown, Matthew Budoff, James Erlich, Allan Guerci, David King, Paolo Raggi, George Rodgers, and John Rumberger and met for the first time in Austin, Texas, in August 1999.

The meeting discussion focused on: approaches to disseminate information regarding plaque imaging by various modalities, development of guidelines on use and interpretation of imaging data, fostering of research in the field of imaging based on sound scientific criteria, development of training programs for the acquisition of the necessary skills, presentation of research data to third party payers for their understanding of the importance of these techniques in the management of atherosclerosis and development of reimbursement codes.

The first group of officers of the Society was voted and elected at the Austin meeting:

  • Harvey Hecht, MD: President
  • George Rodgers, MD: Secretary and Treasurer
  • John Rumberger, MD: Medical Affairs

The first International Scientific Meeting was held in San Diego on February 2-4, 2001 and with the help of an extraordinary faculty and the support of Tulane University's CME Department it was a wonderful success. The proceedings of the symposium were subsequently published in a special issue of the American Journal of Cardiology thanks to a very generous grant provided by Pfizer Inc.

SAIP is an official affiliate of the International Atherosclerosis Society.